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Give us alarmingly individual, free-thinking characters who fight, struggle, love, fail, risk it all, lose everything, gain it back, shoot for Mars (or Mississippi), and overcome.

Intrepid Stories Are:

Entertaining Gutsy Emotional High Conflict Well-Crafted [bold, daring]

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About Us

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We pay authors and editors because everyone deserves compensation for their expertise. 

We’re pleased to offer editorial services because our jobs as authors can be lonely sometimes. Our editors give great craft advice!

Intrepidus Ink nominates stories for awards such as Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and others.

We cater to a diverse audience and respect everyone’s ambition to write and publish fiction. We welcome all voices within the genres we accept.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @intrepidusink.

We’re glad you’re here and are excited for you to read and share our magazine with others.

Thank you for submitting Gutsy Words to Intrepidus Ink.

Fearlessly yours,

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EIC, Intrepidus Ink, LLC
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