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Culture Articles Fearlessly Launching Fall 2022

Give us your gutsy words, alarmingly individual tales of conflict and struggle, epitomizing the intrepid spirit. Write stories just for us.

We’re OPEN for Submissions

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re new, so here’s what we want: Intrepid flash fiction and culture articles.

Give us alarmingly individual, free-thinking characters who fight, strive, struggle, love, fail, fall, get up, risk it all, lose everything, gain it back, shoot for Mars (or Mississippi), and usually (in the end) win.

Intrepid Stories Are:

  • Entertaining
  • Gutsy
  • Emotional
  • High Conflict
  • Well-Crafted
  • [brave, bold, daring]

We particularly like:

  • Fearless, goal-oriented narrators—likely the lone wolf type—haunted
    by motivations and driven to high-stakes action.
  • Odd, weird, or quirky literary stories that are rich, bold, and gutsy but
    never, ever (ever) boring.
  • True North: i.e., good is actually good. Yes, we love conflicted
    superheroes, and we’ll lose ourselves in the questionable-character tale,
    but we’re suckers for true north—just say’in.
  • Unusual story formats. Seriously, though, bring the zzzzing!

If you’re still not sure what we want, watch the video (again).

But look, we get it. Despite everything—our words, the video—many will
simply fling macaroni at our walls to see what sticks. That’s okay, but as
with every magazine, we are who we are and like what we like.

So, aim with the right pasta and write stories just for us.

Submission Guidelines for Flash Fiction and Culture Articles:

  • Unpublished Work Only: Story cannot be published anywhere online
    or publicly, including social media, community writing sites, or personal blogs, nor may it be retitled work from said sites. (We mean it.)
  • Simultaneous Submissions: Yes.
  • Multiple Submissions: No. Send one story at a time; wait for a
    response, then send another.
  • Reprints: No. 
  • Format: William Shunn Modern Manuscript Format.
  • Response Time: Varies, but we’ll do our best to decide quickly!
  • Payment for Accepted Stories: $.02/word; we’ll send a contract upon
    selection and pay upon publication. You’re free to share your
    acceptance on social media after signing your contract.
  • Rights: Author grants Intrepidus Ink first worldwide electronic rights,
    including one-month exclusive rights and non-exclusive archival rights
    for the magazine’s lifetime (online) in which the Work is published.
    Authors will sign an agreement; rights revert upon fulfillment of the
    agreement. Author retains the copyright of the Work.
  • Editing: We edit and proofread all work before publication but expect
    your story will need light touches only to comply with our style guide.
  • Rejection Policy: A rejected story will remain rejected; don’t resubmit.
  • Flash Fiction, Culture Articles, Author Bios, Photos, and Advertisements: Will be published online and on social media, including any or all of the following: Twitter, Instagram, Gab, Medium, and Pinterest. We’ll make a splash with your flash and culture stories!

Submission Guidelines for Flash Fiction:

  • Length: 300 to 1,000 words (Word bust = Rejection unread)
  • Genre
    • Speculative Fiction (Including Superhero)
    • Romance
    • Action-adventure
  • Inspirational Fiction
  • Literary Fiction (Including SF)

We don’t accept horror (speculative fiction may contain horror elements), erotica, poetry, or children’s fiction.

Submission Guidelines for Culture Articles:

  • Length: 300 to 1,200 words
  • Send Us:
    • Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction, News Articles, or Experimental
      Formats (multi-media–photos/cartoons etc.)
    • Crisp, Well-crafted Articles
  • We want:
    • Gutsy, fearless points of view. Boring? Don’t bother.
    • Odd, quirky, insightful angles (yes, please!)
    • Stories that illuminate secrets. Spur adventure. Reveal the
      unexpected, unusual, or unintended.
    • Amusing, entertaining, mysterious, shocking, scary, and
      curious articles. And then some.
  • We don’t want:
    • Clichéd, trite narratives wielding a political ax du jour (YAWN).
    • Pop culture articles (cultural products such as movies, music, art,
      television, or celebrities). We live in a big universe. Be daring.

Thank you for submitting your gutsy words to Intrepidus Ink.

Fearlessly yours,
Rhonda Schlumpberger
EIC, Intrepidus Ink

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