Short Stories
Charles Chin Yesterday in Sand Intrepidus Ink Feb 2024

Yesterday in Sand

I carve deep grooves into the face before me, loose sand falling to the ground in small red piles. The eyes stare back at me

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David DeLange Visha Intrepidus Ink Feb 2024


V isha screwed the silencer onto her Glock-19 and rested its tip on the SUV’s steering wheel. She aimed past the windshield and fixed her

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Andrea Goyan Imagine Dandelions Non-Animated Story Cover

Imagine Dandelions

I   magine Genesis, order from disorder.         I sat on the sun-warmed tarmac with seventeen other female prisoners waiting to board

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Sean McNicholl Crew Yeah Intrepidus Ink Nov 2023

Crew, Yeah?

Y ou do this man, we crew, yeah?” I nod, but it’s lost in the shake that has taken hold of me. I try to

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Timons Esaias short story "To Do" and interview. 2024 Intrepid Award winner.

To Do

O   n my desk, nestled among the chess pieces I use for paperweights, is a To Do list with a single entry.    

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Girl running to get into truck in Maureen Bowden's short story Daphne and the Driftwood.

Daphne and the Driftwood

“…Travellers ne’er did lie,  though fools at home condemn them.” (William Shakespeare: The Tempest; Act 3, Scene 3) D aphne and Ari pulled up at

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Grammar Black Market by Sarina Dorie

Grammar Black Market

O ne day after writing a blogpost reviewing a movie, I was sent a cease and desist letter in the mail. It explained that I’d

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James Cato When Stars Scar

When Stars Scar

T he first smiting we saw was Trevor Wolfson on the local weather channel. His job was mostly to point at the radar and look

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Sean McNicholl featured image for Spilt Milk; images represent the ideas in his story about soldiers, fighting, and his Da, who is a milkman.

Spilt Milk

G ood morning, it’s nine o’clock. You’re listening to BBC Radio Ulster. The headlines: A soldier has been shot dead in an IRA ambush on

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Now Cracks a Noble Heart

“Goodnight sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”                     William Shakespeare; ‘Hamlet’

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