Flash Fiction
Kat and Mouse by Thomas Mixon for Intrepidus Ink, May 15, 2024

Kat and Mouse

        Kat sleeps with the data. Old school, USB, under the Mouse pillow.         Caught the methane release in

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Tommy Dean Each Death Gets Us Closer Cycle 5 Intrepidus Ink Feb 28, 2024

Each Death Gets Us Closer

A flipped boat, he clings to the metal bench seat slick with mossy water, his feet spasming in the unknown depths below him. Because at

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A. Katherine Black Mother, Shift, Mother Intrepidus Ink Jan 2024

Mother, Shift, Mother

I hugged you, and I hugged you again before you stepped out that door. Did I warn enough about the monsters? I didn’t want to

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The Wise Internal Voice

B e watchful of voices that shout shouldn’t, mustn’t, don’t. They said she shouldn’t climb up the fire escape and whisper conversations with the night

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Heather Santo, author of Lost and Found, Intrepidus Ink

Lost and Found

I cy wind rattled the coffee shop windows. The string of fairy lights outside the storefront shook, striking the glass in a repeating tink, tink,

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Zary Fekete's Taltos six-fingered girl in the story


A woodsman gave me a ride for the last few miles. He was surprised to find a young woman on the mountain path. “You’re a

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Salena Casha For the Love of Fries

For the Love of Fries

D avid loved untaxed Bauhaus steel. Especially when it was at a Vancouver 6.7 percent discount. If he included the security envelope with fifty one-dollar

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Weighing scales represent how the narrator weighs the choice to make.

Bubble Gum Romance

A tough call—Strawberry Lemonade or Wild Cherry? I had heard rumors last semester but until now didn’t believe them.         Rachel Roth,

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Depicts title, author, and image central to Abby Moeller's story, "Sunken Treasure."

Sunken Treasure

S he had no fear of the bubbles. They caressed her skin more softly than she guessed as she sank deeper. The cold burned at

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Her Phone

Inspired by Hernando Tellez’ story Lather and Nothing Else S he came into study hall with a flounce. I was the only tutor on duty

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Call Me By Your Love Name

H e moans Samyukta, Samyukta—your given name—with a lazy oomph. You halt, squint, your body crouched over him stiffens, and the frenzy between the four

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Wheeled Centaur

D ecember 19th. Her birthday.         Cathy cried softly into her pillow, a copy of the local paper spread out on her

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The Revolution of Olena

Where are they going?  Beyond the sky, behind the moon, To wait for us someday soon.          ~Cold War-era children’s lullaby O

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Leaving by Staying

I didn’t believe you when you told us the Jellyfish was dying.         The bioluminescent glow around Her edges had softened, and

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Knock, Knock

W hen the knock came, Penny had thought it would be insistent and bold. The way she remembered him. Instead, it fluttered, hesitant, against the

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Rating Beer

Dennis Scriber’s recent activity on BottomsUp: The World’s #1 Beer-Rating App Pure Bliss Milk Stout Authentic West Brewing Co. 3.7/5 Beer rated on Friday,  April

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On Auto

I’m old enough to smoke and fight in a war. How is it unsafe for me to drive down the street without Car doing it

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