Flash Fiction
Weighing scales represent how the narrator weighs the choice to make.

Bubble Gum Romance

A tough call—Strawberry Lemonade or Wild Cherry? I had heard rumors last semester but until now didn’t believe them.         Rachel Roth,

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Depicts title, author, and image central to Abby Moeller's story, "Sunken Treasure."

Sunken Treasure

S he had no fear of the bubbles. They caressed her skin more softly than she guessed as she sank deeper. The cold burned at

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Her Phone

Inspired by Hernando Tellez’ story Lather and Nothing Else S he came into study hall with a flounce. I was the only tutor on duty

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Call Me By Your Love Name

H e moans Samyukta, Samyukta—your given name—with a lazy oomph. You halt, squint, your body crouched over him stiffens, and the frenzy between the four

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Wheeled Centaur

D ecember 19th. Her birthday.         Cathy cried softly into her pillow, a copy of the local paper spread out on her

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The Revolution of Olena

Where are they going?  Beyond the sky, behind the moon, To wait for us someday soon.          ~Cold War-era children’s lullaby O

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Leaving by Staying

I didn’t believe you when you told us the Jellyfish was dying.         The bioluminescent glow around Her edges had softened, and

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Knock, Knock

W hen the knock came, Penny had thought it would be insistent and bold. The way she remembered him. Instead, it fluttered, hesitant, against the

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Rating Beer

Dennis Scriber’s recent activity on BottomsUp: The World’s #1 Beer-Rating App Pure Bliss Milk Stout Authentic West Brewing Co. 3.7/5 Beer rated on Friday,  April

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On Auto

I’m old enough to smoke and fight in a war. How is it unsafe for me to drive down the street without Car doing it

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